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Alumni Accomplishments

UWC Alumni Report

Collegiate alumni are doing amazing things all across the world. Read about what they are up to below

Rhonda Head (Class of 1987)
Taryn Grant (Class of 2012)
Sidney Leggett (Class of 2017)
Shawna Skelton (Class of 2016)
Wab Kinew (Class of 2019)
Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed (Class of 2017)
Carol Matas (Class of 1967)
Jasmin Boisclaire (Class of 2018)
Ken Hahlweg (Class of 1983)
Justin Holness (Class of 2007)
Justin Wilson (Class of 1986)
Mariam Busari (Class of 2020)
Amy Mann (Class of 2021)
Chantel Leung (Class of 2015)
Robyn Boulanger (Class of 2017)
Ila Barker (Class of 2013)