UWC Alumni Report: Amy Mann (Class of 2021), First-year student, University of Toronto

Tue. Apr. 19, 2022

UWC Alumni Report: Amy Mann (Class of 2021)
[Photo courtesy of Amy Mann]

Recent alumnae Amy Mann is now a first year physics and mathematics student at the University of Toronto. She is excited to start an upcoming research internship that involves the measurement of methane emissions and air pollution, and its effect on communities in Toronto. This work aligns with her interest in atmospheric physics, specifically understanding the physics of our changing climate.

Her upcoming internship will not be her first time contributing to an important climate study. During her time at the Collegiate, Amy was one of three students who had their research on cold weather loss in the Canadian arctic published in the scholarly journal, Atmosphere-Ocean.

“I have a lot of wonderful memories from my time at the Collegiate. I am really grateful I had the opportunity to take Truth and Reconciliation in 10th grade. It opened my eyes to a lot of issues that so many students never learn about. I had the most amazing teachers that gave me a love for English, Geography, Computer Science, Physics, Math, Band ... the list goes on.”