UWC Alumni Report: Chantel Leung (Class of 2015), Graduate of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Tue. May. 3, 2022

UWC Alumni Report: Chantel Leung (Class of 2015)
[Photo courtesy of Chantel Leung]

Looking back on her time as an international student at the UW Collegiate, alumnae Chantel Leung is most grateful for having had the opportunity to meet people from across the globe. Being exposed to an international environment at a young age boosted her confidence and taught her to look at things through a more inclusive lens. Amazing faculty and access to university level courses, labs and equipment were also a big part of why her experience at the Collegiate was so positive. In grade 12, Chantel was awarded The Manitoba Council for International Education (MCIE) and the International Education Branch of the Government of Manitoba (IEB) International Student of the Year Award. 

After graduating from the Collegiate, Chantel completed her degree in business administration at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her passion for helping spread opportunities and support across geographic regions and social classes was ignited in her freshman year during a meaningful volunteer experience in Bahrain. Inspired by the talented and hardworking young people she met, Chantel set a path towards promoting and creating economic empowerment for all. She hopes to make a positive impact in this area through her current consultant role at Boston Consulting Group.