Dual Credit Courses

The Collegiate

Dual-credit courses are introductory first-year university courses for which qualified Grade 12 Collegiate students with a minimum of 22 credits may enroll. Please see the course descriptions for further details on dual-credit courses and their prerequisites Application to register for a dual-credit course will take place at the student’s Collegiate registration appointment.  Upon successful completion of a dual-credit course, students will receive the designated university credit AND the high school credit for the course.

Dual-credit courses offered by The Collegiate include:

  • Academic Writing, RHET-1105
  • Intro Calculus, MATH-1101
  • Intro Chemistry I, CHEM-1111
  • Intro Chemistry II, CHEM-1112
  • Intro Computers, ASC-1453
  • Intro to Conflict Resolution Studies, CRS-1200
  • English 1, ENG-1001
  • Enjoyment of Music, MUS-1500
  • Global Citizenship, HRGS-1200
  • Intro Human Geography I, GEO-1102
  • Intro Human Geography II, GEO-1103
  • Intro to Philosophy, PHIL-1001
  • Intro Religious Studies, REL-1002
  • Intro to University, MULT-1000


For Term Start and End Dates, please see

Class Times - Classes will follow The University of Winnipeg timetable. Start times and end times may differ from the times on The Collegiate timetable, so please use your UW timetable.

Textbooks - Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks from The University of Winnipeg Bookstore for these courses.  Please go directly to the Bookstore with your course registration information; you will be able to locate your books according to Course and Section number.

Collegiate October Exam Schedule - Regular classes will be held during the Collegiate October Exam Period.

Course Withdrawal Process - If you want to withdraw from a dual-credit course, you must complete a withdrawal form; they are available from a Collegiate Dean. 

For Voluntary Withdrawal Dates, please see  Withdrawal from a University course must be done before the withdrawal deadline to ensure that an F does not appear on your University transcript.

Recognition of Courses - The University of Winnipeg recognizes Dual-Credit courses for admission and for scholarship.  Students wishing to attend other universities should confirm with those institutions that courses will be similarly recognized.