The University of Winnipeg Collegiate

Our Mission

The Collegiate tradition is one of academic excellence and accessibility, in an environment of critical thinking and community spirit. Continuing in its worthy traditions, The Collegiate at The University of Winnipeg is committed to offering Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 students high school programs that provide a transition to post-secondary education. The Collegiate philosophy emphasizes the need for students to become mature individuals within an atmosphere of self-generated discipline, where students can discover freedom and its complement, responsibility.

To foster our mission, The Collegiate strives to provide an environment of academic freedom, mutual trust and support, and on-going professional development for Faculty. In a world of continuing change, The Collegiate Faculty strives to engage students in a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for and encourage them to pursue a lifelong love of learning.

We seek to enable our students to reflect upon moral and ethical issues, and to develop their concern for the welfare of others. The Faculty is committed to providing guidance and structure which results in our students’ intellectual, social, and personal development--in short, the education of the total person.

We view accessibility as an important goal, compatible with our commitment to academic excellence. We strive to draw forth the best from our students.