Cross Country

The Collegiate

Faculty Contact: Mr. Patterson

Description: The season begins the first week of school with a meet in early September and the season runs to November with several meets at La Barriere, Crescent Drive, Assiniboine, and Harborview Parks. Boys and girls run in separate races that at typically 3000-5000m in length on challenging trails and terrain.  Traditionally the Provincial meet has been at Spruce Woods Provincial Park in late October.  Cross country running requires good training and regular outdoor running to be prepared for races; the team practices outdoor running and good warm-up-stretching routines but to train well a typical athlete should be running 20-30 km per week outdoors. We also compete with other schools in Zone 12 at all meets.

Athletic Disclaimer: We understand that kids and parents alike hope to be involved in meaningful team sports as most have experienced in middle school. The high school experience is just as rewarding but does not fall under the “fair play” policy that many schools prior to grade 9 fall under. We require a signed player contract/code of conduct that outlines how The Collegiate operates. Coaches are given autonomy on who to play, when to play, and how long one plays. There are many online resources on the MHSAA website which is the governing body in all Manitoba high school athletics.