The Collegiate

Faculty Contact: Ms. Cyr

Description: The Collegiate basketball teams compete in Zone 12 under the AAA school designation. All 4 of our teams have the reputation as being provincial contenders every year. We have numerous provincial championships in the past 10 years and have built a program that creates a culture of excellence. Our Varsity teams are very competitive and each team plays upwards of 6 tournaments a season and requires a very high level of commitment yet fosters the idea that academia and athletic can work hand in hand.

Athletic Disclaimer: We understand that kids and parents alike hope to be involved in meaningful team sports as most have experienced in middle school. The high school experience is just as rewarding but does not fall under the “fair play” policy that many schools prior to grade 9 fall under. We require a signed player contract/code of conduct that outlines how The Collegiate operates. Coaches are given autonomy on who to play, when to play, and how long one plays. There are many online resources on the MHSAA website which is the governing body in all Manitoba high school athletics.