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Welcome to the Collegiate Alumni Association! Your diploma or at least one year of attendance at The Collegiate gives you automatic lifelong membership to the Association, which was created to keep you connected to classmates and faculty, and give you access to special events, benefits and much more!

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Meet the Board

The Association and its Board of Directors are dedicated to creating a proud and involved community of alumni and students engaged in the life, success and advancement of the Collegiate. The Association Board includes five alumni voting directors elected by Collegiate alumni and four appointed non-voting directors representing the following Collegiate community groups: Future alumni, faculty, administration and The University of Winnipeg Foundation.

On September 14, 2022, the motion to approve By-law #1 and the election of voting director nominees was confirmed by Association members. The Association Board Officers were appointed by members of the Board on November 7, 2022.

Bob Stuebing (1965), Chair

Bob Stuebing (1965), Chair

Bob attended grade 11 at The Collegiate in 1962/63, and after working for a year, returned to the Collegiate, completing his grade 12 in 1965. He then attended United College and graduated with a BA in 1968 as a member of the first graduating class of the University of Winnipeg. While at United College, he met Eileen Roper whom he married in 1970, and they recently celebrated their 53rd anniversary.

Following graduation, Bob worked with the CIBC for four years prior to attending the University of Western Ontario (now the Ivey School of Business) where he graduated on the Dean's Honor List with an MBA in 1974. He then continued his career in banking with the Mercantile Bank of Canada (then controlled by CitiBank, N.A.) for two years after which he brokered large ticket, tax oriented equipment leases for three years. In 1980, he co-founded Dore, Sutherland and Stuebing Inc. with two partners. DSS was the first incarnation of what is today The MCAP Group and MCAN Mortgage Corporation.

The MCAP Group is the largest non-bank mortgage banking company in Canada with over $140 Billion in mortgages under administration. MCAP is owned (approximately) 78% by Caisse de depot, 14% by MCAN and 8% by management. MCAN is a mortgage investment company under section 130 of the Income Tax Act which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (ticker MKP). Bob retired as the CFO of MCAN in 2006, but remained on the Board until 2013. During his tenure as a Director, Bob Chaired the Investment Committee and was a member of the Audit Committee.

Bob and Eileen believe strongly in the obligation to give back. Bob identifies the Ivey School of Business and The Collegiate as pivotal to the success he has enjoyed, and they are annual benefactors to both schools. Regarding The Collegiate, Bob says bluntly, "I never would have made it into university but for The Collegiate," and he specifically acknowledges the life changing impact Dean Lorne Tomlinson had on him. This passion for The Collegiate led Bob to be an early proponent for a stand-alone Collegiate Alumni Association. He pitched the idea to Javier Schwersensky when Javier became CEO of the University of Winnipeg Foundation in 2020 and then underwrote the Foundation's financial requirements to move forward. Bob was the Chair of the Collegiate Advisory Committee and is now the inaugural Chair of the Collegiate Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Stacey Katz (2005), Vice Chair

Stacey Katz (2005), Vice Chair

Stacey graduated from The Collegiate in 2005 during which time Stacey was actively involved in the student council. Upon graduating from The Collegiate, Stacey received a Bachelor of Science and Education, as well as Post Baccalaureate in Education from the University of Winnipeg. Stacey was thrilled to be able to join the Faculty at the Collegiate and hopes to build a connection between the past, present and future of The Collegiate.

Quinn Cove (2014), Voting Director

Quinn Cove (2014), Voting Director

After graduating from The Collegiate, Quinn earned her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from The University of Manitoba. She is currently the Senior Content Specialist for Callia Flowers and is completing her MBA at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Javier Schwersensky, Treasurer/ Non-Voting Director
The University of Winnipeg Foundation Representative

Javier Schwersensky, Treasurer/ Non-Voting Director  The University of Winnipeg Foundation Representative

Javier Schwersensky is the CEO of the University of Winnipeg Foundation. He has been in senior executive roles in Manitoba's non-profit sector for over 15 years, at The Manitoba Museum, the Winnipeg Humane Society and the University of Winnipeg Foundation. Javier holds a Master's Degree in Corporate Communications from UCES University in Argentina, and a Bachelor in Science Degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Communications and Public Opinion from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Javier is married to Elizabeth, has two children, and be warned that he lands 100% of his jokes 50% of the time.

Joshua Hood (2017), Voting Director

Joshua Hood (2017), Voting Director

Joshua Hood is a Writer and Producer based in Winnipeg. He is a graduate with honours of the Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program, specializing in Producing and Post-Production. Beginning with Shaw TV Winnipeg as a Producer/Editor, Joshua has edited hundreds of hours of local television, produced dozens of news-style stories, short and full-length documentaries, and acted as Showrunner for three seasons of his award-winning comedy series, Millworth. Alongside Joshua's passion for writing and producing, he is a vocal advocate for active and public transportation. Joshua was invited to the Canadian Urban Transit Association’s Young Leader’s Summit in 2019, and worked with transit professionals across the country to pitch an education program for children. Currently an active member of the Winnipeg Film Industry as an IATSE 856 Script Supervisor, Joshua is writing and creating original television projects representative of his community.

Devyansh Sharma (2020), Voting Director

Devyansh Sharma (2020), Voting Director

Dev is a National Scholar, University of Toronto’s most prestigious award for Canadian high school students entering the University, which recognizes original and creative thinkers, community leaders and high academic achievers. He will be entering his 4th year in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering in the fall of 2023. During his time at The Collegiate, he was student council president and graduated on the Dean’s Honour List (Students of Highest Distinction).

Ayla Embury Hyatt, Non-Voting Director
Grade 11 Future Alumni Representative

Ayla Embury Hyatt, Non-Voting Director, Grade 11 Future Alumni Representative

The University of Winnipeg Collegiate student Ayla Embury-Hyatt is presently enrolled in Grade 11. She has always been active in school activities; in student council, she served as the representative for grade 10 and plans to run for deputy in her eleventh year. She developed a passion for volunteering at the age of 12 and has worked as a volunteer with numerous organizations, such as the Winnipeg Humane Society, the Assiniboine Park Zoo, and community nonprofits. She enjoys interacting with children and hopes to become a paediatric psychologist. She has always enjoyed music and has dabbled with the piano and flute over the years. She has also volunteered for two years and counting at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. She has an passion for acting and has worked as a background actor on numerous occasions over the past two years. She also enjoys playing badminton, volleyball, and soccer for pleasure, along with outdoor activities including camping. As a student who values her community, Ayla thrives on supporting her friends,  fellow students and those around her.

Sarah Seniuk (2024), Non-Voting Director
Grade 12 Future Alumni Representative

Sarah Seniuk (2024), Non-Voting Director  Grade 11 Future Alumni Representative

I am a very studious person and enjoy learning and going to school. I enjoy learning most about all types of science from biology to chemistry to physics and psychology.  I am a voracious reader and will often read more then 5 books in a week. I enjoy swimming in the cool water of Manitoba lakes. Every year my family and I make the trip to a provincial park campground. Whether we travel an hour from home, or 8 long hours to the mountains the first item on the list upon arrival is going to see the glittering lakes nearby. I am a person whose favourite place is outside in nature breathing in the fresh air and listening to the cawing of crows, and the whistling of the wind though the new leaves.

Dr. Kevin Clace, Non-Voting Director
Collegiate Administration Representative

Dr. Kevin Clace, Non-Voting Director  Collegiate Administration Representative

Dr. Kevin Clace joined the University of Winnipeg Collegiate as Dean of Collegiate in July 2018.  As an academically-focused high school, the Collegiate provides students with a rich, diverse and challenging learning experience specifically designed to prepare them for University.  Prior to joining the Collegiate Dr. Clace served as a principal for 15 years in rural Manitoba.  Dr. Clace places emphasis on creating an academically challenging, diverse and respectful learning environment in which students assume responsibility for their learning and cultivate the knowledge and skills they require to be successful in their future education.  As a student-centered leader, Dr. Clace is passionate about supporting students as they strive towards achieving their future goals. 

Jennifer Janzen, Non-Voting Director
Collegiate Faculty Representative

Jennifer Janzen, Non-Voting Director  Collegiate Faculty Representative

Jennifer Janzen has been teaching for over 30 years, and is a 2015 winner of the “Governor General’s Award for the Teaching of History”. At present, she is an instructor at the University of Winnipeg, teaching in the Geography department, as well as teaching Geography and History for the U of W Collegiate. Her passion for teaching centers around experiential learning and, primary documents and using film to teach History. When she is not teaching, she enjoys cycling, cross-country skiing, composting and thinking about teaching.