UWC International Advantage

The Collegiate

Regular High School Program

UWC offers outstanding university preparation for high school students in Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12.

UWinnipeg Pre-University Pathway Program (UW-PUPP)

The UW Collegiate offers students an exceptional pre-university pathway program.  The UW-PUPP program is intended for academically strong students who do not currently meet university undergraduate entrance requirements. The UW-PUPP program connects high achieving students from around the world to obtain their Canadian Secondary credentials in an environment with an established tradition of academic excellence.  Upon successful completion of the UWinnipeg Pre-University Pathway Program, students earn a Manitoba High School Diploma and are eligible to begin their undergraduate degree studies at The University of Winnipeg, or to apply to any other University/College of their choosing.

Pathway to University

International Collegiate students receive assistance and guidance in completing applications for university/college programs.

UW Collegiate students who successfully complete Grade 12 receive seamless admission to The University of Winnipeg.

We offer university credit courses that assist in helping students transition to university studies including Intro to University (MULT-1000) and Academic Writing (RHET-1105).

Dual-Credit Courses

Qualified students may take first-year university courses in their Grade 12 year, earning both high school and university credit.

EAL-Credit Courses

Our high school program provides International students with English language and social studies instruction at the ‘E’ designated level (EAL), in addition to integrated academic instruction at the ‘S’ (Specialized) designated level.

Customized Academic and Student Support

UWC's full-time International Student Advisor assists students with academic planning, monitoring and ongoing academic support throughout their high school program. The Advisor also provides student support services and assistance in preparing for University.

Accelerated Academic Year

UWC closely conforms to The University of Winnipeg academic year, providing students with a more thorough preparation for university studies. The schedule allows Grade 12 students who meet the qualifications to take university courses as well as high school courses in the same study session.

There are two study sessions per academic year. Fall/Winter Session runs from September to April and Spring Session runs from May to June.

Wide Range of Courses

All students are required to take compulsory courses as set by Manitoba Education and Training, as well as optional courses that best suit their individual requirements and aspirations. Students will obtain a minimum of 30 credit hours for Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12.

International students are provided with academic guidance from the International Student Advisor to develop a program of studies that will satisfy Manitoba Education requirements and university entrance requirements.

Compulsory courses include: English, Math, Science, Social Studies (Geography/History) and Physical Education.

For a list of elective courses please see the Collegiate Course Descriptions.