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The Collegiate


The Collegiate offers rigorous academic programming to ensure our students are prepared to meet the challenges of university and beyond. Bringing the curriculum to life, our award-winning faculty provide students with opportunities to learn through experience and critical thinking.

Collegiate Academic Year - A University Model

UWC closely conforms to The University of Winnipeg academic year, providing students with a more thorough preparation for university studies. The schedule allows qualifying Grade 12 students to take university courses as well as high school courses in the same study session.

There are two study sessions per academic year. Fall/Winter session runs from September to April and Spring session runs from May to June.


Collegiate Course Offerings

UWC offers a wide variety of courses in the Arts, Science and Technology, and Humanities. Collegiate students complete a minimum of 30 credits in order to graduate, including 19 compulsory credits, plus electives that prepare them to reach future goals and meet university entrance requirements.

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Dual-Credit Courses

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