UWC Alumni Report: Susan Thompson (Class of 1967), Reflects on Her Time as Winnipeg's Mayor

Tue. Dec. 20, 2022

UWC Alumni Report: Susan Thompson (Class of 1967)
[Photo courtesy of CBC]
After graduating from the Collegiate with the Class of 1967, Susan Thompson went on to make history as the City of Winnipeg’s first female Mayor, holding that position from 1992 to 1998. Now thirty years after being first sworn into office, Thompson sat down with the CBC to reflect on her time as the 40th mayor of Winnipeg, the challenges that she faced during her political career, and how she has influenced female politicians in the city that have come after her.

[Read: Former Winnipeg mayor Susan Thompson still hoping to see 2nd woman in the job, but prof says obstacles remain, CBC, November 12, 2022]