Spring term Final Exams (June 22-24)

Wed. Jun. 22 08:00 AM - Fri. Jun. 24 04:30 PM

Please consult with your instructors about the times and locations for all final exams.


June 22 - Slot 3 courses

Truth & Reconciliation 21G (D. Eidse, M. Saj, M. Grusko, C. M'Lot)
English Literary Focus 30S (K. Zoppa)
Applied Math 30S (O. Khan)
Essentials Math 30S (K. Krekoski)
Pre-Calculus Math 30S (K. Du Val)
Biology 40S (K. Tarr)
English Literary Focus 40S (I. Dueck)
English Transactional Focus 40S (R. Gottschalk)


June 23 - Slot 2 courses

Essentials Math 20S (K. Du Val)
Science 20F (M. West)
Science 20F (E. Maltman)
Biology 30S (T. Cowan)
History 30F (J. Janzen)
Physics 30S (C. Cerasani)
Chemistry 40S (R. Patterson)
English Comprehensive Focus 40S (R. Gottschalk)
Pre-Calculus Math 40S (G. Narynski)


June 24 - Slot 1 courses

Chemistry 30S (S. Katz)
English Literary Focus 30S (H. Singer)
History 30F (J. Braun)