Grade 9 Course Descriptions

  • Canada in the Contemporary World 10F

    This course emphasizes the role that Canada plays in our contemporary world. The course is centered on a series of thematic clusters emphasizing the importance of understanding who we are as Canadians and the significance of being part of the global community. The course is designed to emphasize the knowledge, values, and skills students need to become active, responsible citizens within the broader context of our Canadian society. Critical thinking and informed opinions about issues that concern us as Canadians and as global citizens are developed throughout the course. The course integrates literacy, communication, problem solving, human relations, and some technology into the activities.


    Evaluation is based on a variety of assignments such as a final exam, research projects, class discussions, group discussions, and a variety of other activities which support the involvement of students in the democratic process and the role of Canada in the world.


    Canada in the Contemporary World 10F offers an excellent background for all Collegiate courses in global issues, history, and geography.

  • Dramatic Arts 10S

    This course introduces students to the creative process by which Drama becomes a means of self-expression and to the skills which allow one to create characters and scenes.


    Students will work to build trust and community in order to collaborate with each other.  Students will gain first-hand experience in a professional theatre environment.


    None. Students only need a willingness to work with others.  A keen interest in theatre and an inclination to engage in all exercises and activities are assets.


    The structure of the course will be flexible, to address the level and experience of the students and their interests.  Students will focus on improvisation as a means of exploring interaction, characterization, scene structure and some theatre study.


    Due to the participatory nature of this course, 100% attendance is mandatory.  Students are expected to participate fully in all class activities, and may need to participate in rehearsals outside of class time.


    The study of Dramatic Arts develops mental agility, creativity, self-confidence, communication skills, co-operative skills, and physical and vocal flexibility. Students interested in pursuing a career in communications, the arts, education, law, professional theatre, marketing, (or any career field which involves communication and presentations,) will find this course useful.

    Special Requirements

    Students will be expected to dress in a manner appropriate to class activities. Specific requirements will be announced in the first class.

  • English 10F

    English 10F introduces students to a variety of approaches to the acquisition of language and literary skills. Reading, understanding, and sharing texts of all genres, including visual and literary text are an intricate part of the course. Students will be required to respond in creative as well as analytical methods to the texts. The selection of materials will include novels, short stories, drama, poetry, articles, film, and an introduction to several elements of the mass media. Some materials will be clustered thematically. The course will include  opportunities to develop creative and academic writing skills.


    Evaluation is based on a variety of assignments such as a final exam, a research essay, oral presentations, group discussions, and several other activities which promote the acquisition of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representation at the 10F level.


    This course is required before a student can take English 20F. It emphasizes and introduces many of the academic and personal skills required for students as they begin the credit system in High School English.

  • Fran├žais 10F

    Ce cours est destiné aux francophones et aux étudiants du programme d’immersion.

    Les buts du cours.

    Ce cours permettra à l’élève de perfectionner son expression orale et écrite. Il / elle sera amené/e à développer ses habiletés langagières par l’étude de la grammaire, de la littérature et des textes non-littéraires.

    Le cours préalable

    Le cours de Français 8ième année est Le Cours  Préalable normal.

    Les sujets à l’étude

    Ce cours a pour but de perfectionner et d’approfondir les connaissances grammaticales de l’élève. Il / elle fera donc l’étude systématique des verbes, de l’orthographe grammaticale et des parties du discours. Dans le but de développer son esprit de synthèse et d’analyse, l’élève sera appelé à faire la lecture de romans, de pièces de théâtre, de nouvelles, de poésie et d’une variété de textes non-littéraires. Les élèves verront des  spectacles de musique, des pièces de théâtre et des films français au cours de l'année. Ces activités leur permettront de vivre la culture et d'approfondir leurs connaissances tout en suivant le programme d'études.

    Les devoirs

    Afin de perfectionner l’écrit, l’élève fera des dictées, des exercices de grammaire et des rédactions. Pour améliorer son expression orale, il / elle devra participer aux discussions en classe, présenter des scènes ou des monologues dramatiques et faire des présentations orales sur les textes littéraires et non-littéraires à l’étude.

    Les exigences

    L’étudiant aura besoin d’un bon dictionnaire français, par exemple Le Petit Robert I.

  • French 10F

    French 10F is part of the Core French Program (Français de base) beginning in grade 4. This program integrates four components - experience\communication, culture, language, and general language education - so that learners are able to apply practical linguistic knowledge at a personal level.


    ●     To improve French language skills
    ●     To increase linguistic accuracy
    ●     To expand language learning strategies
    ●     To better understand French language-speaking cultures


    Grade 8 Basic French


    The following themes from Ca Marche 3 will be explored:

    ●     Ma chambre, ma vie (my room, my life)
    ●     Mes tresors, mes souvenirs (my treasures, my souvenirs)
    ●     Mission emploi (Mission Employment)
    ●     Nous les Canadiens (We Canadians)
    ●     Films a l’affiche (optional)

    Linguistic topics include: Present, past, future of regular, irregular and reflexive verbs, personal pronouns, relative pronouns.


    Students are evaluated on the development of their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Assignments include workbook exercises, communication activities, projects, and presentations.


    Research shows that second language students develop problem-solving skills, perform better in their native language, and become more open to other cultures.

  • Mathematics 10F

    Mathematics 10F provides a foundation in mathematical skills that are required for all future years of study. Students will acquire these skills through investigations, daily homework, mental math exercises, in-class assignments and projects.


    ●     Powers and Exponents
    ●     Rational Numbers
    ●     Square Roots and Surface Areas of 3D Shapes
    ●     Polynomials
    ●     Linear Equations and Inequalities
    ●     Linear Relations
    ●     Circle Geometry
    ●     Similarity and Transformations
    ●     Statistics and Statistical Analysis

     Special Requirements

    A scientific calculator is required for this course.

  • Music Band 10S

    This course is designed for students who wish to further their studies in instrumental music through performance in a concert band setting. Students will develop individual technique and musicianship through various exercise, studies, music theory, and a wide variety of concert band literature. Particular attention will be given to maturing individual and ensemble sound, intonation, sight reading, and developing concepts of musical phrasing. Students will participate in a variety of school concerts, festivals, and other special events. Performance dress is required.


    Previous experience in a school concert band or permission of the Instructor.

  • Music Choral 10S

    In this course students will have the opportunity to develop their musical interests and abilities through participation in a choral program with heavy emphasis on performance of choral music. The general objective of the program is to enable students to gain, through performance, an understanding of a wide range of choral literature. They will acquire singing skills including vocal production, breath control, diction, phrasing, and skills including notation, time, scales, and intervals. Attention will be given to ensemble skills involving listening, voice blending, and the discipline necessary for choral singing. Students will be expected to participate in rehearsals, concerts, recitals, festivals, and other performances outside of regular class hours. Performance dress is required.


    Previous experience in a school choral ensemble or permission of the Instructor.

  • Physical Education/Health Education 10F

    Physical Education 10F is a course developed for grade 9 students to introduce them to active and healthy lifestyle choices. In the health component of this course, students will examine fitness, nutrition, and human sexuality. The activity component of the course will develop the students’ cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. The development of athletic abilities such as coordination, balance, agility, reaction time, speed and power will also be included. Students will be introduced to a number of games, activities, and sports that will help them to become active for life.

    In addition, students will be given opportunities to refine their decision- making, conflict-resolution, and interpersonal skills, with a focus on enhancing their mental health and their relationships with others as well as making positive personal choices for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Science 10F

    Science 10F helps students develop an understanding of the basic principles of processes and concepts of science. Students will be introduced to these principles through experiments, projects, research assignments, and daily class work.


    ●     Atoms and Elements (Chemistry)
    ●     Reproduction and Genetics (Biology)
    ●     Nature of Electricity (Physics)
    ●     Exploration of the Universe (Astronomy)

  • Visual Arts 10F

    Visual Arts 10F is an introductory course for Grade 9 students who are creative and may wish to continue with art classes in the future. Fundamental artistic  principals  will be presented through the creation of various art projects.

    Students will also study art history from prehistoric sculpture and drawing, ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman art and architecture.
  • Physical Education/Health Education 10F (Female Fitness)

    This course is designed to give females the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from comprehensive weight training and cardiorespiratory endurance activities. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of strength training, aerobic training, and overall fitness training and conditioning. Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness, and movement activity for a lifetime. The class will provide a safe space for female students to improve and work at an individual pace and upon completion have the ability to continue maintaining an active lifestyle suited to their own individual needs and interests.

    In addition, students will be given opportunities to refine their decision- making, conflict-resolution, and interpersonal skills, with a focus on enhancing their mental health and their relationships with others as well as making positive personal choices for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Young Artists Intensive 10S
    This Young Artist Intensive is designed for the focused young musician wishing to further develop a higher level of physical, cognitive, and affective skill competency through lectures, workshops, one-on- one instruction, and recording projects.  This course will embrace the unique nature of music as a self-expressive art form and focus on connecting students to the world of professional music-making.