Student Handbook

  • How are Collegiate courses graded?

    Mark distribution information is on the course outline sheet you will receive in the first class of each course.

    A mark of “M.C.” indicates that you have been excused from an assignment, test, or exam for a legitimate reason (eg. medical). Your total possible mark will then be reduced by the value of the specific assignment, test or exam.

    Please note that “M.C.”s do not happen automatically; you must discuss the missed work with your instructor.

    “NP” represents “no paper” and indicates that an assignment, test, or exam has not been written. NP  is considered a 0% for grade calculations.

    In courses which have final examinations, you must write the final exam in order to pass the course. There are no exemptions, regardless of your term marks.

  • How do I apply for a bursary or scholarship?

    A bursary is a tuition grant based on financial need and is meant to supplement a student’s own resources. A copy of both parents’ previous year’s “Notice of Assessment” from Revenue Canada is required with all bursary applications. Students must maintain a satisfactory academic record and class attendance to continue to qualify for a bursary. Application for bursaries should be made by August 15; however, students in financial need should not hesitate to contact a Dean regarding tuition assistance at any point during the school year. Bursary Application forms may be obtained from The Collegiate Office or on The Collegiate Website.

    Special Entrance Scholarships are automatically offered to new students who meet criteria indicated on The Collegiate Website. These scholarships are offered without the necessity of a scholarship application.

  • How do I change classes?

    In order to maintain balanced class sizes, we accommodate class changes after registration only for a valid reason. Please make an appointment with one of the Deans to discuss your situation.

    Course changes will not be made during the first week of classes. Course changes after the first two weeks of school will only be granted on special permission from the Advisor/Collegiate Dean and/or Collegiate Teacher.

  • How do I get involved in extracurricular activities?

    Early in the year, clubs and activities will be announced on CCTV. Enjoy getting to know your teachers and classmates by participating in school activities!  Balance is an important factor in student success; get involved and stay on top of your school work.

  • How do I get my Physical Education (PE) credit?

    Students in Grade 9 and 10 will have in-class PE.

    Most students in Grade 11 and 12 will be required to complete their PE requirements on their own time (such as lunch, after school, spares, and weekends). There will be an information session during the first month of school that students should be prepared to attend to find out exactly what is required to obtain your PE credit. Students who are registered for Female Fitness 30S/40S will have in-class PE.

    Please remember to keep up with your PE requirements. Always check the PE board in Leatherdale Hall for a calendar of activities, and see Ms. Cyr and Mr. Maltman for more information.

    You must obtain your PE credit(s) to graduate from The Collegiate.

  • How do I get my username/password?

    Your username/password will be mailed to you prior to the commencement of classes in Fall. Should you not receive your username/password please see the Office.

  • How do I obtain a Collegiate locker?

    You will be assigned to a specific locker. If you do not have a locker, please visit the Office.

    Collegiate lockers are loaned to you for the Fall/Winter session (September – April) only. Please remove your lock and personal belongings and return all borrowed textbooks before the end of the Fall/Winter term in April.

    The locker is a temporary storage area, on a “day to day” basis, for items such as clothing, shoes, books, etc. It is strongly advised NOT to store valuable items such as cash, credit cards, wallets, purses, jewellery, calculators, laptops, etc.

    The Collegiate does not keep a record of your locker combination. IF you are unable to open your locker, please see the Office who will arrange for security to cut your lock.

    The Collegiate and the University do not assume responsibly for articles lost or stolen from lockers or other areas of the buildings. Nevertheless, all thefts should be reported to University Security in 1C33 and to a Dean. Purchase a high quality lock. Use a strong, well-made padlock with a short shank of high tensile or force resistant steel. Locks may be purchased from The Collegiate Office or Bookstore. Remember to lock your locker between classes and at the end of the school day.

  • How do I obtain a Duckworth Gym Membership card?

    Visit the front desk at the Duckworth Centre with your Student ID card.

  • How do I obtain a ‘Go-Card’ to take the bus to school?

    High School Students need a “Go-Card” to board a transit bus with a High School bus ticket or High School bus pass.  Photos for Go-Cards are taken at school photo day.  The Go-Card will be distributed to you early October.

  • How do I obtain a transcript of my grades?

    Final transcripts are issued free of charge to every current Collegiate student after April exams are completed and all textbooks have been returned.

  • How do I obtain a University of Winnipeg Library card?

    The Collegiate I.D. card obtained at Student Central is your library card (if you lose it, check at the Security Office 1C33 since all lost cards are taken there. The cost of a replacement card is $25.00). If you need assistance using the library facilities, ask the staff at the library reference desk.

    The loan period for stack books is thirty days, subject to recall after fourteen days. All overdue stack books and reserve materials are subject to fines. Library holds for outstanding books/fines will be placed against your Collegiate/University account. Holders of library cards for The University of Winnipeg can also apply for library privileges at The University of Manitoba.

  • How do I withdraw from a course?

    To formally withdraw, you must:

    1. Notify your instructor.
    2. Meet with a Dean to complete the necessary paper work and review your academic plan.
    3. Return all text books for the course.

     It is not enough to simply stop attending class. It is import to formally withdraw from courses so that we can process a tuition fee refund if applicable, and ensure that you do not receive a failing grade in the course. Please see the Collegiate Calendar for the refund schedule.

  • How will I know if my classroom has changed locations?

    A class location sign with information about the change will be posted on the door of your usual classroom location.

  • How will I receive academic advising?

    The Deans will work with you at your registration appointment to ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses to meet graduation requirements and to prepare you for your post-secondary studies. The Deans will also help you to plan a manageable timetable, and will provide you with information about special credit programs.

  • I am unable to log-in and/or I am having technical issues with a campus computer, what should I do for assistance? campus computer, what should I do for assistance?

    Please call the UW HelpDesk at 204.786.9419 or visit the HelpDesk at 4C32B (UpLink, 4th Floor Centennial Hall).

  • I am unable to print, what should I do?

    Please visit the Office.

  • I lost my cell phone, backpack, or a personal item. Where do I go?

    First check with The Collegiate Office as an Instructor or classmate may have brought your item to the Office.  Secondly, visit the Security Office in Centennial Hall for their Lost & Found.

  • What do I do if a class is cancelled?

    If your instructor is absent, the Office will post a class cancellation notice on the classroom door and your instructor will post a notice on Nexus. Please check the notice carefully for information on exactly which class(es) are cancelled and the assignment(s) to be completed.

  • What do I do if I am having difficulty with course work?

    Tackle the problem right away. Start by talking to your Instructor for the course. Your Instructors have office hours so that you can find them when you have questions or concerns and may want help.  Ask questions as soon as problems arise.

    Tutoring is provided as a free service to Collegiate students. The Tutor Centre is located in the lower level of Wesley Hall. Office hours are posted on the door. The Centre is an ideal spot to work on assignments or get help from the Tutor. The Centre has several computers and a printer available for student use.

  • What do I do if I have questions about a course mark?

    Arrange to speak with the course instructor within 7 working days after notification of your final grade. If, after discussions with the instructor, you believe the issue has not been settled, please see a Dean for further information about our appeal process.

  • What do I do if I move?

    Please notify The Collegiate Office immediately if your mailing address, phone number, or email address has changed.

  • What if I am late for class?

    You are expected to be in the classroom before the class begins. However if you are late, please slip in quietly and take a seat without interrupting the progress of the class. Please speak with the Instructor about your lateness at the end of class, otherwise you may remain recorded as absent.

  • What is plagiarism, and how is it defined?

    The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers defines plagiarism as “the act of using another person’s ideas or expressions in your writing without acknowledging the source.” Copying words or ideas from any source, including another student, constitutes academic theft, and may result in loss of marks for the assignment or the course. The same consequences may result if a student is found to be cheating on any test, exam, or term assignment.

    Plagiarism will be formally reported to the Dean, and in consultation with the instructor, the Dean will meet with the student. The instructor will give a mark of zero for any work which has been found to be plagiarized.

    If the student commits plagiarism a second time, a formal meeting involving the student, parents/guardians, and the Dean will be held. Disciplinary action will be considered.

  • What is required to graduate?

    A Grade 12 High School Diploma will be awarded to a student who has completed 30 or more credits as outlined in the Manitoba High School Program.

    Diplomas for the Fall/Winter Session are presented at the Spring Graduation Exercises, and all graduating students are expected to attend. A graduation fee will be assessed to all Grade 12 students to cover the costs of cap and gown and the diploma.

  • What is SafeWalk and SafeRide?
    A joint effort between the University and the UWSA, the SafeWalk and SafeRide program is intended to increase students’ safety by offering escorted walks or rides to bus stops, cars, taxis, or residences near the University. To request a SafeWalk or SafeRide, stop by or call the Security Services office (located inside the main doors of Centennial Hall) and identify your need. SafeWalk operates during the Fall and Winter sessions Monday to Friday from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm, and SafeRide operates daily, during the fall and winter sessions,
  • What school supplies do I need for classes?

    Always bring your pens, pencils, writing material, and your textbooks to class. You may need a calculator for some classes. If there are further supplies required, your teacher will inform you.

  • What should I do if I am absent from a class?

    Attending all classes is the best way to ensure that you will be successful in your courses. We realize that, at times, you may need to be absent for medical or other valid reasons.

    If you know in advance you must miss a class, please notify your Instructor and make arrangements to receive the work you will be missing. If you must be absent for several days, please contact a Dean before you leave.

    If you are absent for any reason, please inform the main office at 204-786-9221 or report an absence via The Collegiate website. Regardless of the reason you are absent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have caught up on missed work.

    Please see your instructor if you have missed a test as a result of absence. If you miss a mid-term/final exam, please contact a Dean immediately.

    The Collegiate keeps a record of your attendance, and if your attendance is unsatisfactory, you may be required to meet with a Dean. If poor attendance is accompanied by failing grades in a course, you may be placed on Probationary Status. The aim of Probationary Status is to help you be more successful in the course. If your attendance does not improve, or if you miss more than two weeks of classes without notifying The Collegiate Office, you may be withdrawn.

    You may be denied the privilege of writing a final exam for any course in which your attendance is unsatisfactory.

  • What should I do if I lose or damage a textbook?

    See the Office immediately. Lost or damaged textbooks are your responsibility. Textbooks are issued in the first class of each course. If you miss the opportunity to pick up your textbook, please visit the Office.

  • When are Collegiate Exams?

    Most courses have three formal written exams (October, December, and April). Some courses such as Physical Education and various fine arts courses will not have final written exams, and some may have both written and practical exams.

    Please see the exam schedule on our website and ensure that you are available for all of your exam sessions.

  • When are report cards given out?

    Midterm report cards will be issued in early November and in early January. Final report cards will be issued at the start of May (Fall/Winter term) and end of June (Spring term)

    Final grades are released once approved by The Collegiate Faculty Council.

  • When are school photos and grad photos?

    School photos will be held in the 2nd week of September. It is important to bring a completed photo request form on the day of the photos. Please see The Collegiate website for details.

    All students must get their picture taken regardless of whether or not you will be buying photos. When you get your picture taken, the company will send us ‘Go Cards’ which is what you use to prove you are a high school student when using your high school student bus pass.

    Grad photos will be taken in November; please see the website for details.

  • When is the latest that I can drop a course?

    School photos will be held in the 2nd week of September. It is important to bring a completed photo request form on the day of the photos. Please see The Collegiate website for details.

    All students must get their picture taken regardless of whether or not you will be buying photos. When you get your picture taken, the company will send us ‘Go Cards’ which is what you use to prove you are a high school student when using your high school student bus pass.

    Grad photos will be taken in November; please see the website for details.

  • Where can I buy food?

    There are numerous food facilities on campus and around campus. You can also bring lunch and eat anywhere on campus. 

  • Where can I get information about universities and colleges?

    Through its University Scholarship Services Office, The Collegiate provides individualized, practical support to Grade 12 students who are preparing to apply to university.  Please see Ms. Herd in Room 2W04 who can help you with preparation of entrance scholarships, university applications, coordination of paperwork and deadlines. Once you have registered with the Scholarship Office, Ms. Herd will email you regularly with information about university scholarships. The Deans can also help you investigate university programs at any time throughout the year.

  • Where do I find news of upcoming events?

    There are many ways to stay informed at The Collegiate.

    Important notices are available on The Collegiate Website and will be sent to student email accounts. Please make sure you are checking your student email account regularly.

    A weekly e-newsletter (The Collegiate Times) is sent to students and parents during the school year.

    The Collegiate has a closed-circuit television (CCTV) screen in the rotunda on the 1st floor of Wesley Hall and in Leatherdale Commons. The CCTV displays current and updated information on extracurricular clubs and activities, guest speakers and special events, etc.

    Posters are displayed on bulletin boards in common areas of Wesley Hall and Leatherdale Hall.

    Listen carefully when your instructors make announcements in class.

    In addition, you can follow The Collegiate on social media. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (@uwcollegiate and @uwc411), Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Where can I park my car?

    For information on parking at the University of Winnipeg campus, please refer to their parking website.

  • Who do I speak to about financial problems?

    The Collegiate offers financial assistance to help offset tuition costs for students in financial need. Most bursaries have been allocated by the time classes start in September. If a financial situation arises during the year for you or your family, please speak with a Dean.