About The Collegiate:

The Collegiate

The Collegiate and The University of Winnipeg have a seamless admission process in place that accelerates admission into first year university for Collegiate Students.

All Collegiate Students who meet academic requirements for attending The University of Winnipeg will receive an offer of acceptance in January.

Collegiate Students will be able to receive their academic advising directly from the Collegiate rather than having to meet with a University advisor. They have the opportunity to plan their University timetable early and they will automatically be eligible for University of Winnipeg Entrance Scholarships.


Attendance Policy:

Our aim is to prepare students to be able to handle responsibly and personal independence inherent in a post-secondary academic environment. Students are expected to attend every class except for medical or other valid reasons. Normally we do not call parents. Instructors take attendance in each and every class and submit records to the Collegiate office. Associate Deans intervene when problems arise.

In keeping with our philosophy of treating students as mature individuals, we always deal with students first. Although we will rarely, if ever, contact parents directly about a student's attendance, they are always welcome to contact us.

Refer to pages 10 and 11 of the Collegiate Handbook for information regarding course changes and withdrawals, counselling services, examinations, textbooks and tutoring services.


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